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too high for rescue workers to go into the west virginia mine in search of four missing coal workers. while a community waits, the drilling continues. >> we have one drill currently in operation, that is drilled down about 560 feet. right next to that, we have another drill hole -- >> the drilling, an effort to clear dangerous gases from inside this west virginia mine, so rescue workers can enter. four miners are missing since monday's deadly explosion. >> rescue teams are prepared. they are charged un, ready to go, and they will go in a moment's notice. >> those teens will face adverse conditions inside, dangers like dust and debris. >> when an explosion occurs, it has the ability to lift that material up and move it to an area and cause a lot of destruction. >> days after the blast, the questions linger. like how the mine was allowed to operate with multiple serious citations. >> there really isn't a mechanism to shut down a problem such as this. >> one mine worker says despite the risks of the job and tragedies like monday's explosion, the industry is a crucial part of this
sexual abuse allegations quiet. lesli. >> all right lindsey, thank you for that. virginia governor, bob mcdon got a threatening letter. governors at offices across the country are on alert. at least 30 governors received the threat. they were sent by a group called guardians of the free republics. the fbi and virginia state police are investigating. >>> apparently, there is a family connection between the suspects in the mass shootings on south capital street. 9news now has learned the 14- year-old suspected of driving the get away van is the younger brother of suspect, orlando carter. he is now in protective custody. but questions remain about why orlando carter wasn't in custody before the shooting. dc police say they tried to get an arrest warrant back in march, but the u.s. attorney's office would not take it to a judge. >> i would expect that if the police department can present a case with as much information as they did in this one, that the next time this happens, an arrest warrant would be issued. >> in a statement, u.s. attorney, ron said there was not sufficient probable c
starting to spread to the east. here in washington, the immediate area, northern virginia lower hanging clouds. looks like it might rain. a sprinkle drop is the most you will see but basically our threat of storms over washington are pretty much done with. we may see redevelopment of storms as these storms that are over northwestern maryland, panhandle, this is in parts of pennsylvania to waynesboro to the east at 35 miles an hour and martinsburg, hagerstown, i- 81 seeing a thunderstorm there and extending showers in to west virginia. it is off of these storms that i think as they roll to the east through the evening hours we might have isolated chances. the same corridor and we have strong thunderstorms. no severe thunderstorm for the immediate area. looks great if you are heading to the game. i will will have the complete forecast in a few minutes [ bells tolling ] >> today we mark the third anniversary of the mass murders at virginia tech during a ceremony at the state capital, virginia governor read a proclamation honoring the 38 people who died and the small crowd that gathered wit
their stories about how she changed their lives for the better. >>> but to other news right now, virginia governor is stirring more controversy tonight. he decided to allow state police chaplains to once again invoke jesus when offering official prayers at public events, even if they include citizens of other religions. as peggy fox reports, critics say that move takes virginia backwards. ♪ [ music ] >> at public memorial services, military chaplains are required to give only nondenominational prayers. that's been the policy for virginia state police chaplains until the governor reversed the order yesterday. mcdonnel is pandering to his conservative base, while offending virginiaens. >> the virginia government is standing before you and telling you that jesus is the way to salvation and you're jewish or muslim, they are telling you, you're excluded. you are a sinner. you aren't like the rest of us. it's inappropriate for someone acting as an agent of the government. the supreme court has said so. >> the governor does not believe the state should tell chaplains of any faith how to pra
of virginia beach as early as next year but now will they be forced to reconsider? bruce leshan is live with some answers. >> governor mcdonnell says no. he says you don't ground a plane -- every plane after one crashes and said we can't stop drilling for oil because of an accident. they will continue with the plan announced last month for exploratory drilling 50 miles off of the virginia coast where estimates suggest there may be enough oil to fuel the nation for a week and enough natural gas to heat the country for a month. the spill off louisiana is terrifying for those that depend on the sea for their livelihood. >> i wish i could be more optimistic but i don't see how it will be anything short of a catastrophe. >> it forced the obama administration to halt new drilling until it figures out what went terribly wrong and whether precaution and technologies will be required. >> we will make sure any leases going forward have those safeguards. >> i have never supported drilling a of virginia. >> jim moran, chair of the appropriatuations subcommittee on interior and the environment has f
in on the capital beltway until virginia. lots of traffic heading up this way. we have a report of an accident on the inner loop at braddic. that's going to cause delays for folks. on the outer loop looking good. 20 minutes will take you down to 395. a quick check of your commute. back to you. >>> it's official. toyota say it's will pay a penalty but the company is not admitting gilt. the government said they will pay a fine for failing to alert authorities >> it makes a lot of sense sense for their legal position but i think that we all know behind that is okay, we did something wrong and here's our way of trying to make up for it with the united states government. >> toyota's troubles continue to mount. the car company has announced a voluntarily recall of one of its luxury models. the 2010 lexus good 20. they discovered a rollover problem and announced those results last week as well. toyota says a software update should fix the problem. >>> the head of the senate banking committee says reforms in the financial industry are needed to keep firms that are too big to fail from doing damage i
in kensington, alex trevino, 9news now. >> thank you. >>> the ceo held a news conference with virginia governor, bob mcdonald, announcing the company's decision to move its headquarters to northern virginia. >> reporter: the company is still deciding on at least two locations. one of them is here in fairview park, the other is in boston in articlington county. and now articlington counties are already home to the east coast headquarters. that's where today's news conference was held. the ceo would not confirm any specific location that they are considering. but sources say that it is either a boston building under construction on glee road or a building in fairview park. the announcement should be made within a few months to move their plan for summer of 2011. >> can we expect to have a payback in our investment for the short period of time when you have 800 jobs, the average in the neighborhood of about 200,000 that we think is going to bring it there. >> someone just drove by here and said they don't want that. they don't think that this area could handle 40,000 more employees. well, calm dow
, delays remain. same story on 395 in virginia as we switch on over. lots of traffic here. north of duke street approaching the mixing bowl. no incidents or accidents, just a lot of volume this thursday afternoon. all travel lanes open all the way to triangle. and we are going to finish up on 14th and independence, all the title basin. traffic, a lot of people down here, tour buses, people, locals trying to see the cherry blossom before it goes away. be extra careful. a lot of pedestrians on the street and we just got word of another accident on memorial bridge coming inbound. we have the same accident yesterday, so a dangerous spot with a lot of traffic going on out there. lesli, back to you. >> brace yourself as we head into construction season. vdot is working on five major road projects. crews are making progress on the bridge. the fairfax county parkway extension and widening i-95. two 1700 foot tunnels metro rail are being constructed under ground at tyson's corner. that's the same area where you should expect major delays. 123 in the beltway is where the project and the dulles me
kind in the state of virginia. >>> the supreme court struck down a federal law today aimed at banning videos that show graphic violence. at issue was the conviction of robert stevens. the virginia man was sentenced to three years in prison for videos he made about pit bullfights. the videos are within the bounds of free speech and threw out his conviction. the humane society is firing back, forcing congress to treat them like child pornography, which isn't protected under free speech. >>> taxation without representation will continue in the district. house majority leader announced tuesday that lawmakers will not take up legislation this week giving dc residents a vote in the house of representatives. dc residents who pay federal taxes and serve in the military have been denied a vote in congress. when congress designated the area a federal district. >> goldman sachs reported it earned -- that is almost twice what it made in the same period last year. the announcement comes just days after the government said it was suing goldman sachs for fraud and it comes just as congress pushes f
issues right now. what's the late nest >> reporter: we're starting off in new virginia where the roads are still dry as far as you can see and the travel lanes are open. and right here on 66, quite a bit of the congestion from out there to 123. we're heading home on this stretcher or heading out there tonight. factoring in the extra five to ten minutes i would say. but heading to our capitol beltway in virginia, we want to point out this accident on outer loop out there, blocking two right lanes. so that there will be delays approaching. not a good time to see the crash right now. in maryland on the other hand, no accidents, but lots of volume here from 270 over to i- 95. slow going all the way on the inner loop, much better. lesli, back to you. >> all right, fairfax residence, pay attention. if row have been the victim of the robbery, you might be able to get your goods back. more information on that coming up. >>> but first, one-on-one with the first lady and her passion to help our children become healthier. we'll be back. >>> during their conversation, mrs. obama talked about how i
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on the state capital in richmond, virginia. it was called the second amendment march to raise awareness of gun ownership rights. it drew about 150 people and most of them wore side arms. >> if you don't practice your rights they can be taken away and so you have to practice them to keep them and everybody here is loyal to the 2nd amendment and passionate about it. >> reporter: people in the crowd had a message for their state representatives that the right to keep and bare arms is a right and the government should work to protect that right. >>> a review of federal records by usa today shows that more than 130 toyota drivers told nitsa they are still experiencing unintended acceleration each after recalled cars were repaired. >>> well angry teachers rallied outside of the offices of d.c. chancellor michelle rhee this evening. they accuse her and mayor adrian fenty of using trumped up deficit numbers to justify the firing of more than 250 teachers last october. we learned yesterday the school system actually has a $34 million surplus. union officials and fired teachers are demanding their jobs
for her at the charles houston rec center in alexandria. that's where her virginia friends. that's monday night at 7:00. they are all going to get together. >> what about jones, what is his status. >> he's in the hospital but he is detained and being held without bail as the charges against him move forward. >> thank you. >>> police are trying to sort out what happened on decatur street today in a petworth neighborhood of northwest dc. neighbors called 911 to report a woman had been dragged in to a house screaming by her hair. and another neighbor reported a shot fired. a swat watt team surrounded the house and when they got people to come out they found no -- no guns or injuries. >> i have a young child that i don't allow to go outside unless we are with her and i really wanted to move in to a kid friendly neighborhood but i see evidently this isn't. >> reporter: neighbors have been reporting a lot of men coming in and out the back door of the house at all hours and many women inside. the advisory neighborhood commissioner complains of prostitution in the neighborhood and is urging polic
their guns. city residents can buy guns and ammo in maryland and virginia. guns no longer have to be kept under lock and key. >> this is a real and present danger. if he have -- they have the vote, if they can get it to the floor. >> reporter: none of the newly registered guns, as far as he knows, have been used in recent crimes. >> what are the chances they can defeat these bills in the house and the senate? >> if it gets to the floor, not very good. it has bipartisan support. most of them are from the south and they very much believe in gun owner's rights. >>> now another scare in the air. continental express flight was diverted to greensboro, north carolina because of a bomb threat. alex, tell us more. >> the continental express jet just landed at dulles international about half an hour ago. for her and her husband, it was an emotional reunion. >> it was a real threat. there were 80 people, all kinds of equipment on the plane. we were very nervous about it. it was a real threat. >> reporter: ever since continental express flight 3006 was delayed, bob stayed put. waiting anxiously for h
the virginia supreme court. peggy fox is covering the story and joins us live from mcclain. >> reporter: you know, in mcclain and out on the dulles toll road, you can see the foundation of the dulles road extension projects. even so, the funding method is under an increasing growing legal challenge. >> everybody loves to get that. >> reporter: a tax refund sounds good to this man. because his rug shop is on mcclain in the dulles railroad tax district. must pay a special tax for the nearby rail construction. >> paying $800 to $900 a year. >> reporter: but illegal challenge to that tax is picking up this. the owner of this empty unit in this commercial building also on the road claims that the special tax is unconstitutional because it only applies to business owners and not residence. the virginia supreme court has agreed to hear the case. >> well everybody got to pay. you know, just distribute that acing monothe resident of the other businesses and all. everybody is using the metro. >> reporter: rob jackson says that the tax is not fair. saying that the tax is fair. >> the constitution also
commute. problems in virginia. >> that's right. definitely not a friday night light as we show you on a realtime map here giving us a good picture as you can see. capital beltway from 66 to 270 very slow going. everybody below. gw parkway to 123 to the beltway a crawl. 270. live shot there. much better in comparison as you can see no major delays from gaithersburg into german town bc now. check on our traffic land camera. switch over there in georgetown. traffic moving into georgetown. lots of cars. it will be a big party spot tonight. watch out for pedestrians anywhere you can. lesli, back to you. >> tonight's consumer alert. avoiding auction scams. love the excitement of the bid but these red flags are sure signs that you are being scammed. the consignor offering discounts. a legitimate auction doesn't have the authority to do that. if there is a small crowd in attendance experts say it is more than likely a trap for unsuspecting newbies. if it is held at a hotel, a meeting hall or rented room, you have seen a lot of those advertised more than likely you are dealing with a travel
in west virginia. >> i refuse to accept any number of miner deaths as a cost of doing business. we can eliminate chance completely from mining as we can from life itself, but if a tragedy can be prevented, it must be prevented. >> mr. obama said the government will act quickly to get inspectors to get into mines. the coal mine disaster in west virginia is still under investigation. >>> a pioneer in the civil rights movement has died. benjamin hooks, the former executive director of the naacp is credited with bringing new life to the organization. you see him there receiving a congressional gold medal two years ago. he was the first african american to sit on the board of the federal communications commission. reverend hook died this morning in nashville, tennessee. he was 85. >>> 9news now is sponsored by your local toyota dealer. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at progressive.com. >>> all right, you still have time to push the clock and get your taxes filed. you can file an extension. that'
silver acura with virginia tags. now they believe that he could be driving a number of the vehicles. he might still be in the area because he has family here. reporting live in alexandria, peggy fox, 9news now. >> thank you, peggy. >>> a 12-year-old, armed with the semiautomatic handgun took the weapon on the bus and all the way to the potomac middle school. they say a teacher on the bus duty noticed them pointing the gun at their own head outside the school and they quickly intervened. the child was restrained and held for police who discovered the weapon was not in fact loaded and the boy did not have ammunition. other students were never in jeopardy. >> he only threatened himself out there. and of course, the gun not being loaded. in the end, it was, of course, it turned out to be a positive thing, but that was not known at the time. >> reporter: the boy has been charged with possessing a gun on the school property, which has an automatic year-long expelling. they interviewed their parents and said that they are cooperating. >>> jason atkins. >>> the body of the four missing miners w
thrown overboard by the explosion about 100 people survived the blast. massey which is based in virginia, expects the second quarter loss in the miami explosion to range between 80 and -- $80 to $150 million. >>> president obama drove home his case for sweeping financial reform today. he gave a speech near wall street, pushing for legislation that would give the government more power to take control of companies that are too big to fail. he wants more transparencies and complex financial markets. and a new agency to protect consumers from banks. in the end, our system only works on markets, that are only free. when there are basic safeguards that are abused, the area that ensures that they are more profitable to play by the rules than the games of the system. >> spending millions, lobbying in congress and this morning, the u.s. chambers of commerce took out a full page ad in the new york times. both parties in washington are ready to hammer out an agreement. >>> in tonight's consumer alert, good news for the customers in maryland. the utility company announced that they are expanding the
to be the 40th anniversary of earth day. virginia residents will be able to reserve their rebate online beginning april 28. and the district's appliance program will start in late may. >>> lawmakers try to get to the bottom of problems within metro at a congressional hearing today. the federal transit administration revealed their audit and offered 21 recommendations, i should say, they include complete restructuring of safety and communication at the transit agency. >> this is a dysfunctional system, isn't it? >> it needs work. that is, there is real bad blood and hostility between some operating departments. and that's a very, very dangerous environment in which to be running. >> on top of their operational problems, metro also begins budget talks tomorrow to try and close the $190 million gap. >> are there any togetherness on the roads out there? >> not a lot of space. contemplating getting on the west side of the beltway, you may want to wait longer. take a look at this. it's bumper to bumper. anyone hardly moving beyond 10 miles an hour. we dealing with two accidents. the othe
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